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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube...the list goes on.

Facebook is the biggest by far, but each has it's own target audience. We offer services to setup your social media profiles, create strategies, provide training and manage posting and advertising as well.

Get Started with Facebook

To get your business started on Facebook we'll get you setup with a professional looking page. The package is $270 and includes the following:

  • Setup a Facebook Business page including business information, address and contact details
  • Claim your Facebook username: facebook.com/yourbusiness
  • Format your logo to fit the profile picture neatly and professionally
  • Graphic design and installation of cover image that showcases your business
  • Add you as Administrator and provide basic instruction in how to use the page to post content

It's quick and easy to get started, and you'll be well on your way to presenting your business professionally via social media!

Facebook Page Catalyst Directions

Social Media Management

If you don't have time to learn how to do social media well, or just don't have the time to post regularly and keep it in action, our management service could be what you need.

We create a strategy for your business’s social media presence from your business’s goals, customers and our research into your industry and market

We get people to ‘like’ your page by a variety of methods including Facebook ads, connecting with your existing database and incorporating your social media into your existing marketing

We collect & create content for your page to give you an active presence on social media and we make sure people engage with your page and see what you write. The type of content we post ensures you are in the front of people’s minds often, gathering new prospects, building the level of awareness, trust and credibility you have with your connections on social media.  Some information is required from you on a monthly basis in order to create the most effective content but we'll keep this process nice and simple.

Why work with us?

Whether you're just getting started on Facebook or ready to venture forth with a strong social strategy, the Catalyst team is equipped to work with you. From our graphic designer Tim, to our good friends Dan and Katrina at Wide Reach Social Media, we can get you setup on Facebook and work together to have your website and social media producing great results. We can setup a great looking Facebook page, with professionally designed imagery and Dan and Katrina have extensive experience and qualifications to work with you to create Social Media strategies, provide training and manage your Social Media posting and advertising.

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