It's our mission to help your business succeed online.

Catalyst Directions is a boutique marketing studio based in the Queensland coastal city of Bundaberg, just a few hours north of Brisbane.

Website design and SEO are the core of our business because we see a good business website as the core of any online marketing strategy. To compliment this, we have a diverse team with specialist skills so you'll have access to a range of marketing services including graphic design, print, Google Adwords, social media and email marketing.

Our success over the past 20 years is due to the clients we work with. We know that if we look after you, you'll keep working with us.

(If you're wondering if you'll be a terrible client because you haven't got a clue about "all this website stuff", then you can relax - most of our clients start in exactly the same place. It's our job to help you understand the things that will help your business online, but to deal with all the technical stuff for you, so you can focus on running your business.)