Regular Updates

Don't have time to update your website? We do, it's what we do! Just email through your changes, and we can typically get small changes done within two business days, and larger changes we'll schedule, taking your deadlines into consideration.  

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Regular Updates or Adhoc

If you only have changes from time to time, just email them through as you need, and we'll send back a quick quote by email and then get to work on the changes. We can also setup a monthly invoice which details all of the changes throughout the month instead of small invoices after every little change. If you know you'll have changes on a regular basis talk to us about our Website Services Agreement where you can pre pay for a number of hours per month at a special low hourly rate. We track our time carefully and provide a full summary at the end of the month. Excess hours over your monthly limit are also charged at the same low rate.



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