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A quality professional design that is user friendly, responsive and focused on your target audience. Clever ideas, features and functions designed and built to suit your needs. A robust content management system and ongoing support from our helpful team.

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Professional creative Design

We will work with you to identify your typical customer so we can design a website to attract and keep their attention, and encourage them to contact you or make a purchase. Our designer will create an initial concept and then work with you to refine this. Once approved, our developers then go to work implementing the design as a fully functioning, responsive website that will work effectively in all popular website browsers and mobile devices.


We know websites and you know your business, so we'll work together to create a plan. After some initial discussions and brainstorming we'll put a plan together and you'll then need to pull together the information for the pages. If writing text for all the pages isn't up your ally, just let us know and we can provide a quote for our copywriter to do it all for you. Once the content is ready to be added to the website we'll get it up on the site for you. If there are lots of pages, we can quote based on us adding all of the pages, or leaving some of the content work for you - we'll show you how to add the pages and you can do it yourself and save some money.

Professional Content Page Layout

It is easy to add and edit pages yourself, but to get things started we'll add all the content for your initial pages and will use our design expertise to layout pages professionally. This might include design of banners on pages, special effects like image popups and special formatting for content that requires more than just paragraphs of text.



Extra Inclusions

We always like to go the extra mile, and with a Professional Website we can do that by giving you some extra features as part of the package. When it comes to content that includes a list we'll make it look great, as well as setting up a system so it's easy to add, edit and delete from the list. You'll just fill in a form for each list item and the website will display it in the designed layout automatically. If you need a photo gallery, we'll add one that is easy for you to add new photos to and even arrange photos into albums if you need that. (These are available on the Decent Website as well but we'll quote extra for them.)

Manage Your Own Website

It really is simple to add and edit pages on your new website. We’ll show you where to login and how to use the system to add new pages, and change infomation, photos and banners on your website. If you get stuck or just forget how something works, our friendly support team are available to help you out. Did we mention unlimited pages? Start with a few and add more as you need them.

Fully Featured Content Management System

The website is built using a business grade open source content management system, the DNN® Platform. It's on par with other major content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. The DNN® Platform is an extensible, secure, and scalable content management system built on Microsoft ASP.NET. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, from small local businesses to Global 1000 companies, depend on the DNN Platform as their website authoring environment. You get the latest version of DNN which will serve as a solid foundation for your website into the future. 

Top Results in Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the work we do to optimise your website for top results in the search engines like Google. We look at who your customers are, research suitable keywords those customers would be searching for and then optimise your website for top results in Google. We start this work just before the website goes live on the internet, and we work with it for a few weeks after the launch until we're happy we have got top results for you. We'll also setup the website with Google Analytics, a very comprehensive statistics package so you can track see how many people visit your website, what keywords they search for to find you, which pages they view and much more. 

Contact Form & Google Map

We’ll set you up with a neat Contact Us page with a handy contact form so customers can just type in their name, email and enquiry and click a button to send it to you. We’ll add a map to your contact page as well using Google Maps so customers can see where you’re located, zoom in and click for directions. Of course we will list all of your other contact details including social media links.



Ongoing Costs

You need a couple of things to keep your website online.  One is website hosting, like renting an office but for your website. Website hosting is usually a monthly charge and fortunately a lot less than renting office space! 

The other thing you need is a domain name like which can then be used for your website and email like [email protected] or [email protected]. Domain names are registered for a two year period a bit like a business name registration. 

We can provide both of these services or feel free to bring your own. Our hosting packages start from $34 per month and domain registration is $52 for two years. If you have a your own domain name, we can also transfer this so we can look after it so all of your website stuff is together in one place.


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Got a question? A clever idea you're not sure will work on a website?

Please ask questions and we will help you to understand how things work and what's possible
so you can make an informed decision about your new website. 

Send us an email, phone 1300 881 424 or drop by the office.



If you don't have the time to write content for your pages, just let us know and we can provide a quote for our copywriter to help you out. He'll get in touch with you, talk through the different pages on the website and ask questions to understand what you do and then professionally write up each page for you to review. Following your feedback and a few updates to the content we'll then add it to the website. Get in touch to discuss


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider what professional photos will do for your website. Having good quality photos can be the difference between an average looking website and something absolutely stunning. Depending on your needs, we can sometimes source stock photos to use on the website. We also work with a local photographer in Bundaberg for commercial photos, and can even organise excellent interactive virtual tours. Ask us about your options


If you're already setup on Facebook, we can link to this in the website header and even show a feed of your latest posts, and show faces of people that "like" your page. If you haven't got Facebook yet, and want to give it a go we can setup the initial page for you, design a professional cover image and ensure your logo is setup professionally on the page. We'll also configure standard settings on the page and include your contact details. READ MORE