Our Team

The Catalyst team is the strength behind our business and includes a diverse mix of talents from website programming and search engine optimisation, to graphic design, copywriting, iphone app development and social media management. We know we can't all be experts in every area, so we have curated a team of people and companies that are experts in their field. We use a range of cloud based systems to enable the permanent Bundaberg team to connect with the skills and expertise we need for each project as required. And of course, we make sure that everyone on our team plays the game the Catalyst way, where everyone has a strong focus on providing a quality service to our clients, friendly support to back it up, and a long term vision so you can continue to build from where we start.

Bevan Moller

Project Management

Bevan has been with the company since 2002, after attaining a Bachelor of Information Technology with Distinction at CQ University Bundaberg. Working on projects from all angles including graphic design, website development, internet marketing, social media and project management has provided a solid grounding across the board. This allows for some clever lateral thinking for the wide variety of clients from small business to local government and international organisations. Bevan has been manager at Catalyst for many years, and owner of the business since 2011.

Carey Young

Web Development Lead & Client Support

For many years Carey Young has worked with Catalyst as a website developer and programmer. He doesn't have graphic design skills (although he can draw a great stick person) but fortunately he's an ace programmer holding a Bachelor of Information Technology with Distinction from CQ University in Bundaberg. Carey's ability to write programming code has meant some great leaps in productivity in our work and some very clever new functions on clients websites with features from member logins to automated processes, interactive forms and online shopping. Carey's also one of the friendly people on the phone when clients need a hand updating their website via their content management system.

Maarten van Bokkel

Search Engine Optimisation (ie getting you top results in Google)

One of the first questions we are often asked about websites is "how do I get my website in Google?" and for that we have Maarten van Bokkel.

Maarten is a retired Dutch Army Officer and a Marketing Consultant. He worked as a project manager for many international projects. After a 25-year career in the Dutch Armed Forces and NATO he immigrated in 1999 to Australia. Bevan met Maarten in 1999 when Maarten established his own business and was working as an Internet Marketing specialist getting small businesses and large corporations top rankings in Google (and winning awards for it).

Maarten is now part of the Catalyst family, providing our clients not only top rankings in Google but, more importantly, significant increases in website visitors. Maarten has extensive national and international experience with Search Engine Optimisation for companies and government organisations in a range of industries. Maarten will always focus first on getting top results using Search Engine Optimisation so you get good coverage in the free Google results, but making any recommendations for paid advertising with Google. For highly competitive industries where Google Adwords are necessary Maarten can assess the best keywords and manage your Adwords budget to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Simon Holloway

Web Development, Domain Management & Client Support

Simon holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from CQ Uni in Bundaberg and is one of the clever guys behind our websites since 2013. He's also the friendly voice on the phone when you need help setting up your email or making updates to your website via your website content management system. Simon is also responsible for hundreds of domain names for our clients (which is probably why he looks so focused in the photo).

Tim Sweetapple

Graphic Design

Tim Sweetapple graduated from QUT Brisbane in 2012 with Second Class Honours in his Bachelor of Design studies including Graphic Design, Marketing and Human Interaction. He worked as a freelancer for three years before joining our team.

Tim is a creative and passionate designer with a focus of contemporary design and efficient marketing. To him, design is not just about being aesthetically pleasing but more about delivering effective marketing messages and attracting customers to your business. As lead designer Tim will be the creator of your corporate branding and visual media and work closely with Bevan to help you achieve your marketing goals however big or small.

Dan Willersdorf & Katrina Carey

Social Media Management & Strategy


Dan and Katrina, from Wide Reach Social Media, are experienced in complete Social Media Marketing Management working as Social Media Marketing Consultants and Social Media Strategists. They also have extensive experience in Facebook advertising campaign management and facilitating training & workshops.

Dan is a HootSuite Certified Professional, Katrina has completed certification as a Social Media Manager and they are both members of Facebook Aus/NZ SME agencies group.

At Catalyst, when our clients need to go strong with social media, we're always quick to contact Dan and Katrina to get them on the job. Working closely together ensures we can appropriately focus your website and social media so they support each other for the best outcomes.

David Wise


David’s background in media and marketing is definitely useful when it comes to writing great copy - but not as important as his ability to understand your business and put himself in the shoes of your prospects to make the connection between what you offer and what they need.

David recognises that most business people are great at what they do but sometimes they need a little help telling the world about it. So as a professional copywriter, his goal is always to help you get your message out clearly, concisely, and accurately, and reach your target audience with the information that matters.

In addition to helping you tell a compelling story, David also ensures that your website copy has a head start when our SEO specialists come to optimise your site for the search engines. When writing your content he will ensure it is mistake-free, utilises just the right amount of keywords, and he will provide suggested meta-descriptions that our SEO specialists use to determine how your site appears in search results. 

Once your website is up and running, David can also help you with ongoing content such as blog posts or articles for your email newsletter.

Brett Brooks

Mobile App Development

Brett is the lead app developer on our team and is responsible for coordinating mockups, graphic design elements, app programming, testing and publishing to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Brett holds a Bachelor of Information Technology (Honors), is an Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP 10.6), and has worked at Apple Inc in the USA as part of an Apple Australia intern program.

Brett has worked with Catalyst Directions on iPhone App development projects since 2013.