Our Story - from 1996 to Now

Catalyst Directions began in Bundaberg as part of InterWorX Technologies which opened in 1996. InterWorX provided an exciting new concept...the World Wide Web. As the first locally based Internet Service Provider in Bundaberg it made sense that websites quickly became part of it's offering. To give some perspective, Google was just getting started around this time, the domain name google.com was registered in 1998 - take a look at what the logo used to look like on the right!

Bevan Moller joined the InterWorX team in 2002, fresh out of university with a degree in IT and a keen interest to design websites. Along with a changing team over the years we developed a Content Management system, before the likes of WordPress existed, and helped many local businesses get online and use our simple system to keep their own websites up-to-date. 

After many years operating within InterWorX Technologies, the website design business became it's own entity, Catalyst Directions, and has been owned by Bevan Moller since 2011.

In 2013 we experienced what some might see as a major set back when North Bundaberg was flooded and the Catalyst office was under almost a metre of water. For a week, we had no access to the office followed by three months of repairs before we could return. But thankfully, our use of technology (namely cloud services) meant we didn't lose any records, files, servers or systems and were able to get straight back to work in a temporary office. We did lose furniture, but computers were just high enough to miss the water and all the important stuff was safe in secure data centres out of harms way.